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In the olden days, pre-websites and the Internet, Janet wrote printed Newsletters and mailed them by post to what was then a relatively small group of avid Lladr� collectors. Copies of these vintage issues provide interesting Lladr� memorabilia. They are here for your reading pleasure.

We have since added new Lladr� gossip columns and, hopefully, as the years pass, we shall continue to add new pages of interest.

Our Newest Issues

Vintage and Older Issues

-Lladro for Father's Day (June 2016)
-Lladro for Mother's / Nurse's / Graduation Day (April 2016)
-Lladro: Holiday Delivery - LAST CALL (December 2015)
-Retired Lladro - 2017 Holiday UPDATE (December 2015)
-Lladro In-Stock for 2019 Holidays (November 2015)
-Lladro for My Special Valentine (December 2013)
-Lladró ALLEGORY TO PEACE (December 2013)
-Lladro Delivered Via Amtrak Auto Train (December 2013)
-Lladro: Easter Sunday is April 8th (December 2013)
-Lladro History (December 2013)
-Janet Goes International (December 2013)
-Llladro SPECIAL SHOW (January 2011)

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